Belly Binder Duo
Bamboo Fibre Belly Binder and Warming & Binding Paste. Made from 100% natural ingredients.
Belly Binder Duo
Belly Binder Duo
Belly Binder Duo
Belly Binder Duo
Belly Binder Duo

Belly Binder Duo

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Tone & Tighten

Mumma & Bubba Natural Bamboo Fibre Belly Binder used with Mumma & Bubba Warming & Binding Paste helps you get your pre-baby body back in a shorter time.

Feel the complete result of belly binding with this duo.

The point of the Warming - Binding paste is that it will physically warm up your abdominal area to help with the increase blood flow to the area to help aid in muscle recovery, toning, tightening of loose skin and help get rid of water retention that the body holds onto post-baby. It also minimises swelling of the abdominal area, reduces discomfort, nourishes/revitalises the skin and compliments the body’s self-healing process.

While the Warming & Binding paste does its job, the Belly binder naturally increases circulation, metabolism & assist your postnatal recovery. Additional compression belts allow you to adjust the pressure to suit your comfort.

The purpose is to heal and reshape your hips, waist, and tummy, so you get your desired shape faster.

Apply Mumma & Bubba Warming & Binding paste to desired areas and wrap the belt around tight and comfortable. Do NOT apply Warming & Binding paste to a caesarean incision until it is fully healed. Leave it on for at least 60 to 90 minutes for the paste to warm up. You can wear the belt at any time of the day without the use of the paste.

To avoid staining the belt use a cotton cloth or a bio-degradable cling wrap between the paste and the belt.

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